Mehndi Courses

Mehndi CoursesJust like any other course the Henna or the Mehndi courses are of various types and o right from the preliminary level to the professional level. The various courses available are:

Beginner’s Course:

This course is mainly designed in a way to teach the basics of the art of body painting using henna. In order to take the beginner’s course a person does not need to have any prior knowledge of Mehndi application nor does the person need to be a great artist. In this course only the basic designs and simple patterns are taught. There are no pre requisites for this course

Course on Glitter Mehndi:
This course has been designed in such a way so as to enable the learner to be able to create beautiful and elegant designs with the help of both Mehndi as well as glitter. It includes a lot of contemporary designs as well as intermediate patterns. In order to take up this course the successful completion of the beginner’s course is very important.

Advanced Mehndi Course:

This course mainly aims at taking you artistic skills to the next level. In this course you are taught a large number of delicate and intricate designs which comprise of a large amount of detail work. After the successful completion of this course it is very easy to be able to apply Mehndi on full hands and legs.

Course on Bridal Mehndi:

In order to take up this course successful completion of all the above mentioned courses is very important. It mainly concentrates on a lot of detail work.

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